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Hello everyone!

As promised in our previous newsletter we want to try and give you a guide for how to start monetising the opportunities coming from working in a printing industry. Dear PSPs, where is our place?

Print supports the creative process from the very start of it: mocks, proofing, blueprinting, providing marketing tools and amazing you with the final product. Nowadays being in this industry is the best place to be. We believe that together we can grow and serve more customers. Let us offer you marketing tools that will speak to your clients’ creative side. Let us build a platform where all the players can meet.

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1 Good old research…
Ask yourself if there is a unique opportunity coming from your location? For example: farmers markets, tourism industry or coffee shops that would like to customise their interiors? Then look inside your business, do you have all the equipment that is needed? Or do you risk a kick in the mickey for not having a Rollover (we hope you remember our recent campaign?) Do you have enough people to execute and so on?

2 I have plenty…
Then look at your current customers. They probably still haven’t realised your full potential and you can offer them so much! Letting them know about it is a challenge. Existing customers trust you more and can recommend you further, growing and growing your business. They also spend approximately 33% more than the new ones. There is a learning opportunity when we are talking about looking at your customers as well. Some of them can already be very advanced in their adventure with new digital printing applications which can be used to your advantage. It might sound like an old record but listening to your staff can bring some new ideas as well.

3 Inspiration, where are you? 
Find people that can help, such as SIGN +DIGITAL, with information about the newest and best materials on the market, with access to the designers and technologies. Try to also think about the new businesses growing in your area, can you make sure that they will become your customers?

4 It’s all about connections
Trying to get out from the busy shop is easier said than done, but people know people, some of them share the same interest such as GAA or butterfly collecting. It is amazing how people can find connections between them. And there is always one person who knows the right people. This person should become your best friend! We know that you have no time to spare or money to throw to go to trade shows and so on. That is why on our YouTube channel you can find new products promo videos and their usage explained.

This is probably enough food for thought for today, so please wait for the next SIGN+DIGITAL Creative Alert, where we are going to tell you why we are getting very excited about October and all the new products that we are going to present you with.

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