How to Wrap a Vehicle with Oracal 970ra by Justin Pate

The World’s Number 1 Authority In Vehicle Wrapping

sd+ Orafol & The Wrap Institute

What’s really important to us here at Sign and Digital is to give you the right knowledge and advice, especially when it comes to vehicle wrapping and using Oracal 970ra.

We teamed up with the world’s Number 1 authority in vehicle wrapping materials, Mr Justin Pate of The Wrap Institute to create this amazing, jam-packed video full of tips and
techniques that we knew you needed to know about.

Now, one of the key products in Vehicle Wrapping that we know really, truly works is Oracal 970ra by Orafol. It’s simply high performance and is engineered to the highest technological standards.So Justin used Oracal 970ra in this video because, well, we’ll let him explain why he loves the Oracal 970ra as much as we do.

In this sd+ Justin Pate video you will see:

  • Breakdown of the essential tools you need to put on Oracal 970ra.
  • Get an understanding of the properties of material so you’ll walk away knowing everything there is to know
  • How to install Oracal 970ra with two installers
  • How to install Oracal 970ra as a solo installer
  • and more.

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