The vast majority of hospitals around the world, particularly those constructed during the 20th century, were built to suit the needs of caregivers. Research at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, bears this out. If you’ve spent a few hours in the Accident & Emergency department of any Irish hospital, or wandering the long, clinical halls of the wards, looking for your relative, you’ll know that this is also true in Ireland.

A wrapped corridor in Crumlin Children’s hospital

Physical space just wasn’t considered an integral part of the healing process. But that line of thought is rapidly becoming part of the Dark Ages of medicine. There is a growing awareness among healthcare professionals of the need to create patient-centered environments that can help patients and their families cope with the stress that accompanies illness, and there is increasing evidence that well designed environments have a positive impact on patient health outcomes. For children in particular, humour and related positive emotions can improve tolerance of pain, enhance health outcomes and reduce hospital stays. Research suggests that humorous distraction is useful to help children and adolescents tolerate painful procedures.

Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin in Dublin is Ireland’s largest paediatric hospital. It has been caring for Ireland’s youth since 1956. At SD+, our staff know the importance of the work done inside the walls of this building. We wanted to bring some humour and stimulus to the lives of the children and staff, in our very own special way.

Wall graphics are a cost-effective and rapid way to brighten up interior decor and illuminate people’s lives. We brought a team of fitters to Crumlin to jazz up the walls of the hospital with engaging characters, colours and themes.
For a day’s effort, the impact was fantastic! Staff and patients alike were impressed. Watch the full story below.