Create a Neon Vibe with Led Neon Effect

Add a Wow to your Signs, displays or even wall graphics with LED Neon Flex HXR ONE .This durable high specification flexible Led Neon is the perfect solution for Signage ,decoration lighting or the contour of displays .Led Neon effect is unique as it creates a real wow vibe in every space .

The silicone housing allows you to get really flexible with your design, you can create big and small letters ,create small shapes or use it to outline displays . The Neon Flex is really simple to cut in fact the slogan for the product is “JUST CUT IT “as indeed you can cut the Neon Flex wherever you want . The silicone housing gives you the freedom to create the perfect design, with perfectly homogeneous light output for truly outstanding results. The Led Neon Flex HXR ONE is the number one choice for internal and external contour lighting and its available in a wide range of colours.

Quick Overview

. Strong Diffused and Dot free line of light
. Resistant to damage and weather conditions with IP67 RATING .
.Can be cut wherever you want
.small bendable diameter 30mm
. 10 silicone colour options
.Dedicated colour end caps and mounting accessories’ available
. This CE and RoHS certified