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Robyn Smyth is a 14 year old girl from Dublin, Ireland. She lives with her Mammy, Daddy and little sister Millie. Robyn loves to play outside, bake, play Minecraft and spend time with friends and family.

In 2007 at the age of 3, Robyn was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. Fortunately after months of aggressive treatment Robyn entered remission. However, all too soon, Robyn’s family’s lives were again turned upside down when they discovered that the neuroblastoma had returned. To date Robyn has undergone more than a decade of treatment in Ireland, receiving all that the medical community here has to offer. Her only hope for survival, is to take part in trial treatment in the US, and her family are working hard to raise the money to save her life.

The team at SD+ wanted to help make Robyn’s life a little more bearable. We know that creating a delightful, inspiring and comfortable spaces at home can transform our sense of well-being, helping us to fight back against the trials of life. We wanted to give this opportunity to Robyn.

Leo, our Managing Director, believes that wall graphics are a cost-effective and rapid way to brighten up people’s lives, so he brought a team of fitters with him to Robyn’s house to redesign her new playroom with her favourite characters, colours and themes.

For a day’s effort, the impact was awe-inspiring! The family had been planning the redesign for more than two years, but with trips to America and the cost of medical treatment, they had not found the time to realize Robyn’s dream.

The whole story of Robyn’s Room can be seen on YouTube here.

Despite her determination, Robyn is still not out of the woods. Her family are still fundraising to help get her onto the trial treatment in New York. If you would like to help Robyn, please visit her fundraising page to donate.

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